Scottish National Users’ Group (SNUG) Podcast

New GP IT systems: Cegedim shares its Vision

April 13, 2021

As Scottish GPs are starting to form cohorts within Health Boards, to prepare for selection of one of the next generation of GP IT systems, it will be essential to understand how each system delivers the requirements to become accredited and approved for use in Scotland

Dr Beena Rashkes and Dr Andrew McElhinney of SNUG were joined by Shona Wares, Head of Product Management, and Margaret McCaul, National Account Manager for Scotland,, for Cegedim Healthcare Solutions @CegedimHS. They share their “Vision for the future of digital health”.

“Vision is a portfolio of products with a suite of applications, which can interact and be used across a variety of healthcare settings. You will have the required applications installed according to your needs, as well as the core GP system”.

There is more information  for Vision users at: and some tips for users at:

More information about GP IT Re-provisioning is on the SNUG website: 

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