Scottish National Users’ Group (SNUG) Podcast

Asynchronous Consulting: the facts about DACS

August 4, 2021

One of the big areas of interest at the SNUG members’ day in May was the increasing use of digital systems for communicating and consulting “asynchronously” and how these are changing the face of general practice. In this episode, we have highlights from two of the talks discussing issues around online consulting. Thomas Dodd is a training partner for AskmyGP and he discussed some of the popular myths about online consultations – for example that patients prefer face to face rather than online contact, yet online services will also submerge GPs with new demand. Dr David Cooper, the co-chair of SNUG and a user of eConsult, describes why he is a big advocate of online consulting and why his practice has found it hugely beneficial in maintaining services throughout the pandemic.

We pose the question: are we now at a similar moment in weighing up the pros and cons of providing a new means of access to care online, as doctors were in the 1880s when the advent of the telephone also offered new and better access to medical care?

These workshops can be seen in full, with slides and questions and answers at the SNUG website.

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